Wallets are currently only available for Windows & Linux.
The wallet version is currenty v5.0.1.0-60028. This is the version with our old branding (brown, pictured below) and is currently the only one available.
MouseMN - MOUSE Masternode Coin - MouseMN Wallets - Wallet Version

Our updated and re-branded wallet is currently under construction and will be released in the near future.
We will be informing the community once it is released, but the changes will only be cosmetic, so if you don’t update it doesn’t really matter, however we will no longer provide support for the old version once this new version has been released.

Wallet & Blockchain Snapshot Download (UPDATED 22-09-2020)

If you are new to crypto currency or just after a bit of guidance setting up the MouseMN – MOUSE Masternode Coin Wallets, check out our Wallet Setup Guides

MouseMN - MOUSE Masternode Coin - MouseMN Wallets